Creative Branding

What is Branding?

Branding is what represents your business in the market. It attracts people and generates a trust factor towards your company. In other words, it influences people and creates a perspective for your company. It can also be your businesses appearance which can be used to represent its core values.

Gone are the days when a logo, business card, or email signature was enough to hold brand value. Today, one needs more brand assets to grow.

Points for effective brand power:

  • Extend awareness and understanding of your business and its products and services.
  • It works alongside your staff to make your company stand out in the crowd.
  • Increase your business value in the market.
  • Attract ideal clients or customers.
  • Focus on increasing your audience and repeat clients.
  • Have genuine followers and raving fans.

The Branding Process:

Our branding process includes a few steps such as discovery + strategy, assets, and solution representation. Let’s have a closer look at each step:

Step 1. “Discovery + Strategy”

We have a series of interactions with you for about two weeks and collect information about your business’ goals. This helps us understand your business ideology and customers.

With your support, we discover your business’ objectives and create a strong brand image for your business. Our strategies define as:

  • Exceptional market position.
  • A unique personality.
  • An interesting story, which compels audiences to interact with your brand.

Through this process take the time for both research and discovery of your business strategies. This at times takes up the majority of the days, but this allows us to come up with excellent and unbeatable solution. Additionally, we work hard to bring quality targeted audiences to you.

Step 2. Solution Presentation.

Research and discovery helps to deliver the best recommendation for the business. It provides strategic branding and tactics to the company holders.

In addition, it also gives you an equivalent return on the applied investment in regard to both money and time.

Step 3. Brand Assets.

Brand assets include creative branding and strategies in accordance with solution and creative terms. It entails verbal identity and visual identity.

A branding book includes the following points:

  • Photography guideline
  • Color pallets
  • Visual style guide
  • Typography
  • Voice guideline
  • Logo/mark (You’ll also receive source files for the logo /mark)
  • Tag line
  • Print ready files for stationary
  • Dark/light background descriptions
  • Template files for conjugal assets (for example: if you don’t print letter head, we will create a word or Google doc template with a digital letter head for in house printing)
  • Social media possessions (cover photo / profile image, etc.)
  • Any other services

Are you ready to step up your brand?

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