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Strategy and Planning

The most important part of the process is determining the reason you are building a website, and sadly, this one of the most over-looked aspects.
We will look at these main points to establish a solid strategy before starting your web project:

  • Goals: What is the purpose of your website? What results are you looking to achieve?
  • Message: What do you want to communicate to potential customers? Your website needs to answer three questions for people who visit your website:
  1. Who is this site for—is it me?
  2. What can I do here—am I in the right place?
  3. Why should I pay attention—what will I get?
  • Buyers: Who is your ideal visitor or potential customer? How do you want them to perceive you and your website? Without a personal connection to your buyers, they simply will not do business with you.
  • Competitors: Who are your top-ranked competitors? What are they doing right? What opportunities have they missed out on that you can take advantage of?

Copy and communication

Most web companies will leave it up to you to write your own content, but we give you the option to work with one of our content writers. We’ve found that providing this choice eliminates the stress and delay that may come with writing your own content. Professionally written content is the easiest way to help you communicate:

  • Your message…
  • To your audience…
  • In your voice…
  • In support of your goals.

Design and development

This is where it all comes together. In this phase, we rebuild your website so it is appealing to your customers and meets your goals. We will achieve the perfect balance between the appearance and function of your website. Learn more about the elements of a strategic website.

Marketing, Measuring, and Improving

Contrary to what you’ve seen in the movies, if you build it—they don’t come. (At least not always, and not straight away).

We care about your long-term success, so once we have built your website, we can help you market to the perfect clients. We track and measure how visitors react and engage with your company. With this information, we can make recommendations for continuous improvements. We can also provide marketing, which can expand the amount of potential customers you currently have, as well as, engage and interact with visitors.

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